Linda Westerman Embroidered Textile Artist and Tutor

My love of history and archaeology inspires a range of differing pieces of textile art.  Boat forms reflect ancient wrecks found and still being discovered in rivers and water courses around the country these early boats having planks stitched with willow and fibres.  Shards of small pots and vessels excavated by archaeologists inform textile pieces and small books.


Work is carried out using thread, fabric, paper, paint, stitch and wire.  Some work being constructed from handmade cords individually stitched to creat a vessel shape, others from machine and hand stitch onto water soluble fabric.  This method creates a delicate fabric perhaps indicating a more high status object.

The above image was inspired by the derelict mills of the West Riding during the middle of the twentieth century.  A 3D piece formed by the use of wire and machine and hand stitching.

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